Current and Former Client Companies

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We're proud of the fact that we've served so many leading process industry companies over the years. This is a list of upstream, midstream, and downstream clients who have hired engineers and/or managers utilizing our recruiting services.

Though we've always been a very small firm, with just a few employees, our reach has been worldwide. There are very few recruiting firms, regardless of size, who can produce a client list with this quality and breadth

ABB Lummus & ABB Simcon

ABB Randall

ABV Rock Group KSA

ADGAS Abu Dhabi

Air Products

Al Hoty Establishment Saudi Arabia

Alcorn Exploration

Allied Signal Inc.

Altura Energy Ltd.

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Amerada Hess Corporation

Amerada Hess VI Corp. Hovensa

American Petrofina

Aminoil (Phillips)

Amoco Chemicals

Sinclair Oil Corp.

Singapore Syngas

Amoco International UK (BP)

Amoco Oil Co.

ANG Gassification Corp.

Anadarko Production Co.

Apache Corp.

ARCO Alaska Inc. (BP)

Arco Chemical Co.

Arco Oil & Gas Co. (BP)

Aristech Chemicals

Armour - Dial Company

Ashland Chemical Co.

Ashland Oil Company

Asiatic Petroleum (NIOC) Iran

Austral Oil

Axens North America

BASF Corp.

Badische Corporation Tx

Barnes & Click

Basis Petroleum (Valero Energy)

Bechtel Corp.

Belco Petroleum Corporation

Betz Chemicals

Bonner & Moore Assoc.

Booz Allen & Hamilton

Borden Chemical Company

BP Exploration Alaska Inc.

BP Oil Corp.

Brown & Root Inc.

C. F. Braun & Company

C. F. Industries Inc.

Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.

Cabot Pipeline Corporation

Caltex (Globally)

Catalyst Resources Inc.

CE Lummus

C-E Lummus Iraq

Celanese Corporation

Chem Systems

Chemical Exchange Co. Inc.

Cheniere LNG

Chevron Chemical

Chiyoda International

Ciba Geigy

Clark Oil & Refining Corp.

Coastal Corp. (El Paso)

Coca Cola Company

Colorado Interstate Gas (El Paso)

Colt Industries

Columbian Chemicals Co.

Conoco Inc. (ConocoPhillips)

Cooper Industries

Coopers & Lybrand

Crown Central Petroleum

Crown Zellerbach


Damson Oil

Davy McKee Corp.

DIS Inc. (Now VAI Ltd.)

Diamond Shamrock Corp.

Donner O&G Properties Group

Dow Chemical USA

Dresser Industries

DSM Chemicals North America Inc.

DuPont Inc.

Ebasco Services Inc.


Enron Corp.

Enron Liquid Fuels (Kinder-Morgan)

Esso Eastern Inc.

Esso Exploration Global

Esso Inter-America Inc.

Esso Libya

Ethyl Corp.

EVALCA Chemicals

Exxon Company USA

Exxon Middle East

Exxon R & E

Exxon Production Research Co.

Farmland Industries

Feed Forward

Fina Oil & Chem. Co.

Fluor Daniel

FMC Corp.

Ford Bacon & Davis

Foster Wheeler Corp.

Freeport Indonesia


Frito-Lay Inc.

Frontier Refining

Fulcrum BioEnergy Inc.

Georgia Gulf Corp.

Gilbert Commonwealth Egypt Inc.

Glitsch Inc. (Koch)

Great Lakes Chemical Co.

Groppe Long-Littell LLP

Gruy Management Service Co.

H-R International

H. B. Zachry Co.

Haldor-Topsoe Inc.

HatchMott McDonald

Hercules Inc.

Hess Oil

Hess Oil/Hovensa

Hoechst Celanese


Houston Oil & Minerals

Howe-Baker Engineers

Huntsman Chemical Corp.

Husky Oil Co.

Hydril Co.

IBN SINA (National Methanol) KSA

ICI Americas Inc.

Indian Refining Co.

J F Pritchard Corp.

J R Butler Associates

Jacobs Engineering

Kaiser Aluminum & Chcmicals

KBC Advanced Technologies

Kellogg B&R

Kennecott Minerals Company

Kerr-McGee Corp.

Kinder Morgan

KNPC (formerly Aminoil)

Koch Industries Inc.

Litwin Corp. (Raytheon)

LL&E Exploration & Producing

Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy

Lubrizoil Corp.

Lyondellbasell Corp.

M. W. Kellogg Co. (Kellogg B & R)

MAPCO Petroleum

Marathon Oil Co.

MCN Energy Corp.

McKinsey & Co.

Mesa Limited Partnership

Mewbourne Oil Corp.

Michael Halbouty Interests

Miller & Lentz Ltd.

Mississippi Chemical Corp.

Mitchell Energy Corp. (Devon)

Mobil Chemical & Mobil Oil (Globally)

Mobil Oil Corp. (ExxonMobil)

Mobil Lybia & Nigeria

Monsanto Co.

Murphy Oil USA

Muse Stancil

Newmont Oil

Nexant Consultants

Northwest Pipeline Co.

Occidental International Exp. & Prod

Oiltools (Europe) Ltd. Aberdeen

Olin Chemicals

OXID Chemicals

Oxy Pipeline Corp.

Pace Consultants Inc.

Panhandle Eastern Corp.

PEMREF (Samref) Mobil Saudi

Pennzoil Company


Phelps Dodge Corp.

Phillips Petroleum (ConocoPhillips)

Phoenix Engineers Inc.

Purvin & Gertz

Qatar LNG.

Qatar Petroleum

Qatar Gas Co.

Quantum Chemical

Quintana Petroleum

Quaker Oats Chemicals

Raytheon Engineers & Constructors


Rohm & Haas

Royal Dutch Shell Den Hague

Rust International

S & B Engineers

Saudi Arabia Basic Industries (SABIC)

Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Co.KSA

Saudi Aramco

Saudi ChevronPhillips

Saudi Petrochemical (SADAF) KSA

Scallop - Shell International E&P

Scientific Design

Shell Companies Inc.

Sherwin Williams Co.

Solomon Associates

South Coast Terminals

Stanley Consultants Inc.

Stauffer Chemical Co.

STB Systems Inc.

Sterling Chemicals

Sun Oil Corp.

Suncor Inc. (Oil Sands & Refineries)

Sunstrand Corp.- Fluid Handling Div.

Superior Oil (ExxonMobil)

Tanmia Ltd.

Tellepsen Construction Corp.

Tenneco Corp.

Tesoro Petroleum Corp.

Texaco Inc. (ChevronTexaco)

Texas Eastern Corp.

Texas Instruments

Texas Oil & Gas (Marathon)

The Mundy Companies Inc.

TMR Energy Ltd. Ukraine

Transco Energy Co. (Williams)

Union Carbide Corp.

Union Texas Petroleum (BP)

United Refining Co.

Tube Turns Technologies

Tyler Refrigeration


United Salt Co.

UOP Inc.

Valero Energy Corp.

Valley Nitrogen

Van Leer Plastics

Ventec Inc.

VICO LNG Indonesia

VICO Services Inc. (Huffco)

VICO Indonesia

Vulcan Chemicals

W. R. Grace & Co.

Wedtech Canada Ltd.

Western Co.

Westlake Group

Williams Companies

Shintech Inc.

Silvertech Systems Ltd. UK

Wyatt Field Services Inc.

Eastern Trading & Mtce. Saudi

Bass Enterprises Production Co.


Stone & Webster Engineering

Stone & Webster Mgmt Consultants