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Many of our clients are operating companies with processing facilities in the U.S. and overseas. These current openings are typical of requirements we receive regularly.

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Job Title
Polyolefins Manufacturing Specialist
Saudi Arabia
Min Salary
Max Salary
Family status position, free housing, transportation, medical, schools paid. Add $25K to base salary for overseas. $93K tax deduction. Save Most of your income.
Job Description

Will support the company’s Polyolefins existing and future operations, evaluations and assessments of operational facilities, manage the technical support to the company’s chemical operations; manage the support to new projects development and evaluation; and benchmark the company’s Polyolefins operation and assets.

BS ChemE or equivalent. would be desirable.
20 years+ in the petrochemical industry with 12 years in polyolefin operations, technical support and polyolefins manufacturing, technical support, and Polyolefins technology management.

The successful candidate will be responsible and accountable for the Polyolefins manufacturing team activities, which will include, but not be limited to:
• Provide manufacturing support to existing joint venture petrochemicals facilities in the Polyolefins business.
• Provide high level engineering expertise in the resolution of plant operational problems.
• Formulate and implement long-term strategies to improve operations and reduce cost.
• Provide due diligence support for evaluation and appraisal of manufacturing assets in the operation, maintenance and reliability areas.
• Staffing and training of future manufacturing personal.
• Simulation and modeling (energy and material balances, utilities and catalysts requirement, effluents and specifications, etc.) of Polyolefins operations.
• Lead maintenance preventive programs and strategy.
• Reliability modeling support.
• Maintain and enhancing best practices in Polyolefins facilities design, operation and maintenance.
• Develop and updating design procedures and guidelines.
• Evaluate process economics of Polyolefins operations.
• Assess new and emerging Polyolefins technologies and supporting technology research and development.
• Provide troubleshooting and problem solving services and developing technically innovative process solutions with appropriate risk consideration.
• Conduct performance reviews of company’s Polyolefins operations and establish a knowledge sharing network.
• Develop benchmarking criteria and procedures.
• Train and develop other Polyolefins specialists and engineers.

Refer to: J11613

About this opportunity:
The professional rewards at this employer are amazing, but so too are the lifestyle and benefits. This is a career family status job in a safe western style town (w/ excellent schools, hospitals, golf & recreational facilities, etc.). Tax benefits are substantial. The industry's best retirement & Savings Programs (Stay 10 yrs and come back with several Million $$). Excelent housing, schools, hospitals, long vacations w/ family airfare to anywhere, Totally safe.

Contact us for more detailed information if qualified and interested.

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