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Many of our clients are operating companies with processing facilities in the U.S. and overseas. These current openings are typical of requirements we receive regularly.

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Refinery Industry Specialist Corporate Planning
Saudi Arabia
Min Salary
Max Salary
Family status position, free housing, transportation, medical, schools paid. Add $25K to base salary for overseas. $93K tax deduction. Save Most of your income.
Job Description

Seeking a Refining Industry Specialist to provide Corporate Management as well as other organizations within the company with general market outlooks, refining capacity developments and opportunities and capital cost trends that will affect the company’s refining capital program. The specialist will monitor current and future regulations to identify possible impact on the company’s refining business.

As an expert in modeling techniques applicable to the global refining industry, will be responsible for developing the refining outlook, including long-term products price forecast needed for various planning and investment evaluation purposes.

Minimum Requirements At least 15 years of experience in analyzing refining industry trends. Five or more years of relevant modeling and forecasting experience with a large refining consultancy and at least 10 years of industry experience.

Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering or related specialty. MBA or Master’s degree in Economics is desirable.

Thorough understanding of the economic and business factors related to the refining industry with substantial experience of applying that knowledge to forecasting potential future trends. Sufficient understanding of refining projects necessary to conduct insightful economic analysis of capital investments.

Solid understanding of the strength and limitations of various modeling techniques and methodologies when applied to forecasting future trends of the general refining market and to specific products.

Strong written and oral communication skills. Able to communicate what are frequently complex technical and commercial concepts in a clear and succinct manner to individuals and groups from diverse professional backgrounds and organizational levels.

Hands-on person who will immediately command the professional respect of others who possess long-time practical experience of working in or serving the refining industry. Person whom others, at all levels, will seek out for advice and counsel.

Duties & Responsibilities: The Refining Industry Specialist will serve as advisor to Corporate Management and other company organizations on refining industry issues encompassing the following:

Develop the company’s short- and long-term global refining industry outlooks, including: global and regional changes in capacity levels, changes in crude and other feedstock, total production rates by major product groups, global and regional trade balances and the general industry margins and profitability trends.

Develop long-term products price forecasts by product type and region to serve as the basis for the evaluation of investment opportunities.

Monitor and assess the impact of international regulations on the global and regional refining business.

Prepare well referenced, written and illustrated documents and presentation material for inclusion in the business plan and to present to management.

Provide analysis, evaluation and interpretation of current and future trends in support of projects, processes and financing related to capital investment decisions in the refining sector.

Regularly follows up on refining market developments as well as developing and maintaining contacts within the industry.

Report on issues that are relevant to the company’s refining activities based on market intelligence. Provide expert judgment, by way of thorough analysis of queries from management on refining issues.

Regularly interact with other professionals in various company organizations involved in capital planning and economic analysis.

About this opportunity:
The professional rewards at this employer are amazing, but so too are the lifestyle and benefits. This is a career family status job in a safe western style town (w/ excellent schools, hospitals, golf & recreational facilities, etc.). Tax benefits are substantial.

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