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Many of our clients are operating companies with processing facilities in the U.S. and overseas. These current openings are typical of requirements we receive regularly.

To apply for this positions, just click here and attach your resumé . Please include a note re your present compensation, geographic restrictions, and job objectives. If you don't see a job listing or location that interests you, please consider sending us your resumé anyway so that we can advise you of new positions as they become available

Job Title
Mechanical Engineer, Oil & Gas
Saudi Arabia
Min Salary
Max Salary
Family status position, free housing, transportation, medical, schools paid. Add $25K to base salary for overseas. $93K tax deduction. Save Most of your income.
Job Description

Mechanical Engineer to work with Onshore Producing Department responsible for oil processing and gas compression of offshore fields at the onshore facilities.

B.S. in Engineering, preferably Mechanical
7+ years, preferably in the oil industry or similar process industry
Knowledge of engineering practices, economic principles, calculation methods, design details, U.S. and Client Codes, Standards and Specifications.

The candidate is expected to be able to perform the following:
Plans, schedules and provides work direction as required for preparation of designs, processes, reports, correspondence and related data.
Supports engineering studies by analyzing and evaluating all data pertinent to problems. Assesses scope, effect on existing installations, economic value, long range planning and budgetary considerations.

Initiates detailed work outline and makes decision as to basic approaches, processes and/or equipment. Performs work and/or delegates work to other engineers for final development of specialized or technical proposals and proposed projects.
Recommends new installations or modifications to improve existing facilities and standardization within broad fields of endeavor.
Estimates costs, prepares justifications and completes expenditure requests as required.

Reviews work of other engineers as directed. Checks that reports are written according to established methods of good report presentation. Takes recommendations for further study or report changes.

About this opportunity:
The professional rewards at this employer are amazing, but so too are the lifestyle and benefits. This is a career family status job in a safe western style town (w/ excellent schools, hospitals, golf & recreational facilities, etc.). Tax benefits are substantial. The best retirement & Savings Programs
(Stay 10 yrs and come back with several million dollars). Excellent housing, schools, hospitals, long vacations w/ family airfare to anywhere, Totally safe.

Contact us for more detailed information if qualified and interested.

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