Domestic & International Job Placement

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We're one of Houston's most experienced recruiters with over 40 years of success. Let us make the difficult process of your job search easier. Let our expertise enable your success. Our fees are entirely company paid. Click here to Contact Us, call 281-376-3686, or Send us an eMail.

Domestic & International Clientele

We are a Houston, Texas based professional recruiting firm serving both domestic and international clients.

We are a full service job employment recruiting firm specializing in world wide job placement in Energy, Technology and Financial sectors. Our typical clients include Saudi Aramco (exclusive contract since 1969), Bechtel Houston (exclusive contract since 1979), etc. Candidate Selection - This takes know how and experience. We we're NPA's #1 producer in 1993 and a top 10 to top 20 producer each year since. MASTER THE DETAILS - We set up the interview, can handle travel arrangements, check references, handle offer/acceptance/negotiations, define COL differences, etc. HONESTY - We treat both the candidate and client with honesty and respect.